Inara’s Perfume Kit

Okay, so in canon Firefly/Serenity, Inara never had a special little box of perfumes - that we know of. But she should have. That little jewel of a Companion would almost certainly have annointed herself with some fragrant unguents and seductive smells.

So, for the Can’t Stop the Serenity-Vancouver fundraising event for Equality Now & others (organized by samatwitch & friends) I made one. It’s filled with special homemade perfumes, perfume mixes, and little ornamental bottles, and further decorated with some pretty little Chinoiserie knickknacks - and there’s a little bit of Serenity mad money tucked away for an emergency.

Hopefully, it will help raise some cash for the event, and make some perfume-loving Browncoat happy - as they imagine further fragrant adventures of Inara and the rest of the Serenity crew.